My Mission for Pet Sitting & for Overnights: 

I provide pet sitting service for your animals at your own home only. I provide daily walks and  overnight assignments.  On overnights,  I pick up your mail, newspaper, packages at the door and take the trash cans to the curb and water the plants.  I arrive at 6 PM, leave at 7-8 AM feeding and walking the dogs both times.  This service is $64 for the overnight, $20 for the return day walk the next day and $22 for an extra night walk from 5-8 PM.

The rate is $69 for a condo, townhouse or apartment building. I need the gate code, and your parking spot.

I do the overnight visits at very neat, clean, homes, with no cameras or alarm systems on during my visits.  I do not share these assignments with family members, neighbors or if someome is still at the home. 

My goal is to provide pet sitting services 365 days of the year to my clients.  I do not charge extra for holidays plus you can add or cancel an appointment if you call or E-mail me by 8 AM that day.  No texting - Phone or E-mail only.

I have a team of professional pet sitters working for me, so you will always receive service.  We will follow your pet instructions for each of your animals on every assignment.  Leave the new instructions on the kitchen counter. Leave the food, meds, treats, and leash all on the kitchen counter each time.  Please make an extra key for me to keep, otherwise, you will need to bring the key by my home the day before you leave.  I do not pick up keys.

My assistants love animals and help me with the demands of my dynamic business. Most of them are college graduates.  I can send you their picture, if an assistant is required, during the time I am already book or away.

When you  travel  and I am on your assignment,  I will call you when I arrive the ( first time) at your home and again on the (last day) of the assignment.  I will send you a picture of your animals during that time.  If you are delayed, let me know  and I can continue with the job until you get home. Change smoke detectors. Fans for hot weather.  Make sure there is plenty of food, I do not shop for food.  I love all size animals, cats to horses.

Dog Rates:  $20 for a day visit (7AM-4 PM) -  $22 for a night visit (5-8 PM)   3 or more animals an extra $5 per day.

Cat Rate:     $19 per visit                                   Horses:  $25 per visit- feed and fresh water only.


                                                 My Professional Background:  

I was a top sales representative for 20 years selling legal publications. I am now retired with The Bureau Of National Affairs, Incorporated, which has been purchased by Bloomberg.  I have also been involved with Real Estate, and know how to handle home emergencies. I do a lot of overnights and housesitting.

I have travelled the world extensively and will continue to do so once a year.  I have a passion for cultural events, working with children orphanages, playing tennis, swimming and enjoying my two successful Sons and their families that live in the area. I am involved with my church activities in projects that give back to society.  I am in the pet sitting business 100%, 365 days of the year.  I will meet with you before we set up a schedule of pet sitting appointments.  I do not take on any aggressive animals that will nip or bite, and neat homes only.

Payment is due at the time of the booking.  You will have service 365 days of the year.

Areas That I Cover: Carmel Valley to La Costa.   I reside in Encinitas.

Patricia Plutner    

1762 Pleasantdale Drive, Encinitas, CA. 92024

Cell:  (760) 390 9500  -   E-Mail: